ONGOING – A Retrospective: Fifty Years, Step Inside and You Are No Longer a Stranger | Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi | 9 February – 30 June 2018

UPCOMING – Vivan Sundaram: Disjunctures | Haus der Kunst, Munich | 29 June – 7 October 2018



‘Re-take of Amrita’, guest curator, Esa Epstein, The Trammel and Margaret Crow
Collection of Asian Art, Dallas, Illustrated folder
‘Landfill’, photographs, video, Harrington Street Gallery, Kolkata
‘POSTMORTEM (after Gagawaka), (sculpture, installation, video and sound work in collaboration with Bettina Wenzel and Ish Sound Reasons), Chemould Prescot Road, Mumbai


‘ POSTMORTEM (after Gagawaka), (sculpture, installation, video and sound work in collaboration with Bettina Wenzel and Ish Sound Reasons), Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi


‘GAGAWAKA: Making Strange’ (garments, performance, video), Rabindra Bhavan galleries, New Delhi, Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai


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‘Works with Paper’, Contemporary Art Gallery Ahmedabad


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‘Long Night: Drawings in Charcoal’, Max Mueller Bhavan, Hyderabad


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‘The Indian Emergency-I’ (pencil on paper), Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi


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Designed two posters on Gandhi for Sahmat released at Oxford Book Shop, Calcutta.

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Glass mural at Shah House, Bombay collectively done with Bhupen Khakhar and Nalini Malani


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‘To Draw a Line’,


‘GAGAWAKA: Making Strange’, 24 minutes 10 seconds


‘Flotage: Yamuna’, 10 minutes and 11 seconds


‘Flotage: River Garden’, 2 minutes 18 seconds


‘Ways of Resisting’, 26 minutes and 22 seconds. A SAHMAT production


‘Wigwam Tune’, 3 minutes 36 seconds


‘Barefoot with Husain’, 4 minutes 30 seconds


‘Turning’, 13 minutes and 26 seconds


‘The Brief Ascension of Marian Hussain, 2 minutes 30 seconds


‘Tracking’, Installation with two projections, 10 minutes 30 seconds


‘Indira’s Piano’, Installation with two projections, 10 minutes


‘Structures of Memory’, 30 minutes


‘Carrier’, single monitor installation, 5 minutes


‘Amrita Sher-Gil and the female subject’, two monitors installtion, 4 minutes


‘Couples: Photo Album, Vancouver’, 20 minutes


‘HOUSE/BOAT’, 3 monitor installation, 3 minutes
Films/Videos on the Artist



Vivan Sundaram by Nandakumar for Doordarshan


‘Figures of Thought’, directed by Arun Khopkar, on Bhupen Khakhar, Nalini Malani and Vivan Sundaram.
‘Vivan Sundaram’: One World Art/The Right to Hope TV series by Iikka Vehkalahti.


‘Vivan Sundaram’, directed by Asha Narang Spaak.
Curatorial and organizational work.


Organized international conference as Secretary Biennale Society, ‘elective affintties, constitutive differences: contemporary art in Asia at Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi


Secretary, The Biennale Society, New Delhi


Co-ordinator: ‘Talk about Curating’. Organized an international symposium ‘The making of international exhibitions: siting biennales’, Constitution Club, New Delhi


Designed set for theatre production ‘ Gidhare and Baby’ directed by Anuradha Kapur for National School of Drama
2004 Visiting Professor at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris


Curater ‘ Ways of Resisting’ SAHMAT, New Delhi


Curater ‘ Art on the Move’’, SAHMAT, New Delhi


Visiting Professor Fine Arts Department, Jamia Miilia Ismalia, New Delhi


Curater ‘ Gift for India’ SAHMAT


Presented Madhavi Mudgal and her troupe under ‘Kasauli Art Centre, at Kasauli
Curater ‘Postcards for Gandhi’ SAHMAT, exhibition opened in six cities on 2nd October


Designed tent structure and stage for ‘Manas Bana’ a tribute to Gandhi, SAHMAT, New Delhi


Member of Design Collective for ‘Anhad Garje’, SAHMAT, New Delhi 1993 Member of Design Collective for ‘Hum Sab Ayodhya’,
SAHMAT exhibition


Curater ‘Artists Against Communalism: Images and Words’, SAHMAT, New Delhi
Designed sets for theatre production, ‘Gora’ (based on Tagore’s novel), directed by Anuradha Kapur, New Delhi


Janotsav: Mongolpuri, New Delhi, SAHMAT


Founder-member and trustee of Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) ‘Artists Alert’ and auction and exhibition
Theatre production ‘Ghar Aur Bahar’ directed by Anuradha Kapur at Kasauli Art Centre, Kasauli, and Delhi


Artists Camp with young artists of Himachal Pradesh, and national seminar, ‘Critique of Contemporary Culture’, as Secretary, Kasauli Art Centre, Kasauli


Theatre production, ‘Shakuntalam’, directed by Prasanna for Ensemble ’86, as secretary, Kasauli art centre at Kasauli Art Centre, Kasauli


Collaboration with film director, Kumar Shahani, in scripting the film on Amrita Sher-Gil


Curated, ‘Seven Young Sculptors’, as Secretary, Kasauli, at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi


Founder-member; editor
ial board, Journal of Arts and Ideas, New Delhi


All-India Artists’ Workshops (including participants from U.K., Germany and France ) at Kasauli Art Centre, Kasauli


Retrospective exhibition on Amrita Sher-Gil, New Delhi and monograph published by Marg, Bombay


Secretary, Ad-hoc Committee for All India Artists’ Protest